Michelle Bérubé

Michelle Bérubé joined Lister Beaupré in 2023 as an associate lawyer practicing in all areas of civil litigation. Originally from Cornwall, Ontario, Michelle studied Anthropology at the [...]

Melissa Lukings

Melissa Lukings first joined Lister Beaupré as an Articling Student in August 2022 and returned as a Civil Litigation and Corporate Law Associate following her Call to the Ontario Bar in June [...]

Shreshtha Garg

Shreshtha joined Lister Beaupré Lawyers as an associate in 2023, practicing in the area of family law. An internationally trained lawyer and only lawyer in the family bloodline, Shreshtha [...]

Nathan Clarke

Nathan is an associate at Lister-Beaupré practising in all areas of civil litigation. Nathan was raised in Ottawa and obtained his law degree from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. Before [...]

Amy Jean Cornew

Amy Jean Cornew was born in Johanesburg, South Africa and is fluent in both English and Afrikaans. Amy completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Legum Baccalaureus degree at the Nelson [...]

Cynthia Squire

Cynthia began her professional career in the health services industry and was certified as a Laboratory Technologist in 1997. Seeking a further challenge, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in [...]

Chantal Beaupré

Chantal serves clients of Lister Beaupré in all facets of civil litigation, with a special focus on employment litigation and labour law. Chantal has handled a variety of litigation matters [...]

Andrew Lister

Prior to founding Lister & Associates in 2009 (which became Lister Beaupré), Andrew worked at several different law firms in Toronto and Ottawa as a student, associate and partner. Since [...]